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De-Stress for Success

May 20, 2023
Islamic Center of Frisco

Guided Hearts Institute for Spiritual, Relational, and Mental Wellness in collaboration with ICF Sisters' Committee invites you to join us for De-Stress For Success! 🤯➡️🎯, a stress management workshop featuring: Ustadha Dunia Shuaib, Ustadha Sophia Khan, Psychiatrist Dr. Amir Shah, and Shaykh Mubeen Kamani.

Summer vacation is upon us and yet we still are unable to completely relax and enjoy!Instead we continue to carry the burden of life's stresses on our shoulders and are wrapped up in them!

This Saturday In shaa Allah - at the Islamic Center of Frisco - take the opportunity to equip yourself with Qur'anic and Prophetic stress management skills paired with psychological tools. You will learn how to immediately start applying those techniques as soon as you go back home In shaa Allah! 🏠

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