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At Guided Hearts Institute, we are on a mission to strengthen and empower individuals, couples, families, and communities through education by equipping believers with psychospiritual tools to thrive at every stage of life. Our ultimate goal is achieving the pleasure of Allah (SWT) by teaching Muslims mental wellness tools and relationship skills in hopes to prevent emotional distress, reduce family dysfunction and to lower divorce rates among Muslims


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In the Qu’ran and Sunnah we find the family unit heavily emphasized as the cornerstone of a stable society. Therefore, our team takes a systemic approach when creating content to ensure that it caters to the family unit as one by providing programming for both men and women, couples, children, and most importantly families as a whole.

Preventative + Proactive
Our philosophy stems from a preventative and proactive approach. Education equips us with the understanding and tools to make healthy choices and consistently doing so prevents future problems and leads to more fulfilling lives.

We strive to curate content that is easily accessible because when a seed of inspiration is planted in the heart, it can flourish in unimaginable ways. By providing education, paired with guidance, we truly believe in a result that is nothing short of transformational. We envision a community that thrives in this life and succeeds in the next.

We strive to address an individual as a whole, focusing on the relationship between mind, body, heart, and soul. Our goal is to optimize each person’s potential by addressing each facet of their being. We emphasize the concept of the primordial and post-mordial soul as it impacts how an individual may navigate daily experiences.

We value educating Muslims in a manner that is easy to comprehend and practical to implement in their lives. To encompass all aspects of learning, we utilize a multi-faceted approach providing in-person experiences, online programs, and publications.

We integrate the timeless wisdom and principles of the Qur’an and Prophetic Tradition, Islamic and western psychology, and the latest scientific research. This multidisciplinary model achieves the most effective results.

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