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First Annual Mumin Retreat

🗓️ Camp Dates: We will arrive between 11:00am and 12:30pm on June 6th and will depart at 2:00pm on June 9th.

📍 Camp Location: Inspiration Hills Camp located at 4819 Easton Rd, Burbank, OH 44214

🌟 Age Requirements: Everyone is welcome, including children, teens, and any adults! *Attendees 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Attendees 17 and under require a parental consent form to be submitted.*

🔎 Supervision: Attendees will be split amongst brothers and sisters for the duration of the retreat including activities and cabins. BOTH groups will be supervised by AMM Board Members, Volunteers, Parents, and Camp Staff at all times.

📋 Rules & Regulations: Attendees and volunteers will be REQUIRED to adhere to behavioral & safety policies. Those who do not adhere to these policies may be subject to camp removal without a refund by AMM Board Members.

📝 Schedules: Daily camp schedules will include time allotted for Salah, Lectures, Meals, Activities, and Personal Time.

🍔 Meals: Food will be provided to attendees each day with Zabiha Halal meat

☪️ Islamic Lectures: Opportunity to learn from Imams and Scholars from many different backgrounds.🏹 Camp Activities: Archery, Hatchet Throwing, Kayaking, Swimming, Ninja Course, Basketball, Soccer, Ropes Course, Volleyball, and so much more!


🚨Purchase your tickets today by scanning the code or visiting:’re so excited to see you there. JazakAllah Khair! 🤩

Register♥︎ Suggested Donation: $10
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