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Levels of Love

February 11, 2023

Friends, love is in the air... it's that time of the year when love is celebrated and expressed. However, as Muslims we know that love should be expressed everyday. We, as humans, have a need to feel love and attachment towards others. This is part of our human nature and how Allāh ﷻ created us. We all have someone we love. Whether it be our parents, siblings, friends, spouses, mentors, etc. The thing that binds us together is the love we have for one another. It all comes back to love. This varies from relationship to relationship, from how we express or show it, and how one prefers to receive it.

Join us and learn about:

  • Love of Allāh ﷻ & His Messenger ﷺ
  • Love between spouses
  • Love between parents and children

Join Ustadh Isa ibn Matta, Ustadha Dunia Shuaib, and Licensed Therapist Mehboob Ali as we spend the afternoon discussing how we can best nurture the different levels of love in our lives. Attendees will learn tips on many ways to nurture and sustain love and gain insight on what makes love last. Lunch will be served and we’ll have a coffee and tea bar insha'Allah!This beautiful event is open for all: sisters, brothers, and families! We have very limited seating please register ASAP as we will not have ticket sales at the door.

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