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Master Your Emotions

April 28, 2024
Richardson, TX

Do you feel overwhelmed by your emotions? It's tempting to shut them down, avoid them, or let them control you, but emotions are not just inconveniences. They are vital signals, similar to how your body tells you when you need to use the restroom. Ignoring such signals, like trying to hold off a bathroom urge, can lead to negative consequences.

Emotions are blessings from Allah because they serve as indicators: anger might signal that your boundaries have been crossed, sadness could indicate something in your life needs healing, and guilt might suggest you've acted against your values. Understanding and managing our emotional ups and downs is crucial. The fancy term for this is emotional regulation. It's about noticing and naming these feelings, learning from them, and balancing them with rational thought. Shaytan lures many of us into emotional reactivity (i.e., reacting quickly and intensely before fully understanding and processing a situation). When we are reactive, we often say and do things that we regret later.

This workshop will teach you how to move toward emotional responsiveness instead (ie., taking a pause when feeling emotional to cool off, fully understand and process a situation, and then, decide how to respond). When we are emotionally reactive, our emotions manage us; whereas, when we are emotionally responsive, we manage our emotions. Join this workshop to glean wisdom from your emotional experience and learn how to balance thinking with feeling inshallah.

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