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Empowered: Men's Mental Health

June 23, 2024

June is Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month, and at Guided Hearts Institute, we believe it's the perfect time to have an essential discussion about men’s mental health. Men's mental health is often overlooked in general health conversations, while experiencing symptoms can lead many men to feel isolated and frustrated. Statistics show that men are less likely than women to talk about or seek help for their mental well-being.
Join Ustadha Dunia Shuaib and Dr. Amir Shah in our upcoming IG live as they explore common mental health issues affecting men, the impact of unaddressed symptoms, and how to tackle these challenges within an Islamic framework. They’ll also discuss the stigma and assumptions about masculinity that often prevent men from getting the help they need.

🗓️ Date: June 23rd
⏰ Time: 12 PM EST
📍 Location: IG Live @duniashuaib @guidedhearts

We look forward to an enlightening and supportive conversation Inshā’Allāh!

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